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Ẹka Oko epo, Kemikali tanker
Beere ọjọ ti a fikun 2022-07-29
Fi kun nipa MD.Ali Hossain (SD international )
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Want old ship for recycling
We are Direct buyer. Want old ship for recycling
We are a Bangladesh based company, working as a ship breaker Agent media. We have enough direct buyers for (Trading & Demo Ship) in Bangladesh. We sell ships mentioned below within a short time in Bangladesh with reasonable prices. We take pride in offering you the best solution, interested in purchasing Scrap (Vessels/ Oil Tanker / Container vessel/ Bulk Carrier / Scrap oil tanker) for demolition purposes at Chittagong Ship Recycling Zone, Chittagong. Since our cooperation with various national old scrap ship buyers, that is convenient for your business without wasting your valuable time.
Built year preferable after 1980. Lightweight should be above 10,000-20,000 LDT/MT. Our buyer will buy only on CIF and 100% LC at sight. Please contact us to get the best price.
Contact us.
Best Regard
Md. Ali Hossain
SD international
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